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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sin Frontera!

After much meditation in the zone of contemplation, I have decided upon my immigration plan, which I think is everybody's obligation.

Let me admit that I am as much aggravated by Mexicans as I am the French, but I am equally in love with them for all their endearing qualities. And to the extent that I generalize about people, I am a bigot.

There should be a unified North America as is the case in Europe. Finances and information flow easily accross borders along with goods and commerce. I think people should be able to as well. As long as there are jobs to do and folks to hire them, people will come from Mexico whether there are immigration restrictions or not. I would like to be free to go to San Miguel de Allende or Vera Cruz whenever I want, or work there or go to school if I want. It is possible to maintain national sovereignty, but borders are increasingly anachronistic concepts. This issue is more about race. Wisemen who parse policy issues over restriction this and that are acting from a racist standpoint, even though they are well-meaning and otherwise good people.

Open borders are no threat to trade unions who should join hands accross boundries and borders. Texans and others for decades have gone to Mexico and died stuggling with brave Mexicans organizing for workers. Blood has mingled in war and peace along the Rio Bravo for centuries. The concept of a dividing line is a racist xenophobic idea that is deeply understood by all those who live under its tyranny.

If everyone is paid the same, it won't matter whether a brazero or a bulio are there to take the job. The myth that dark people are the only ones who could labor in the sun has always been the snake oil of the slave master. Others prey on anglos fears of mesegenation.

National boundries that restrict the movement of people is a backwards looking philosophy, and anti-Christian.


At 8:02 AM , Blogger judge chief charly hoarse said...

Reminds me of The Gay Place: The LBJ character drives off in his convertible and comes back later
muy borracho with his arm around the mayor of some little border town; announces that he's given the whole state back to the Mexicans, and that they promise to give it back to the Indians, next chance they get.


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