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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Take Names, Then Kick Butt

The Legislature is in special session. Don't hunker down and whimper. Look out over the state of this state. Keep close watch on the demented peddlers we've allowed to take up in the capitol. We need to revoke their mandate this November, even if it means electing some wifty Greens or dusty Libertarians. Most of the present bunch must go, and to do that, we'll have to lead our neighbors to the light.
This bunch in Austin is endangering the public health, letting the charity hospitals go bankrupt, and forgoing Federal matching funds ($2.50 to the dollar) that would provide health insurance for poor children, instead leaving them to more costly emergency care, the bill for which is passed on to every premium payer in the state. Not pennywise, but pound damn foolish.
These crooks and zealots are presiding over the decline of public education in the state, refusing to let any costs fall on their favored constituents, leaving us an illegal catch-as-catch-can system of school funding that leaves thousands of children on a fast track to ignorance, poverty, and the criminal justice system.
For strike three, consider what these people have done with our crown jewels, the state parks, neglecting, privatizing, spinning off or selling out these public resources by diverting funds once dedicated to their upkeep. The parks are the only setting for some children to learn to appreciate and conserve nature, to learn to see a need for such a thing, this essential everything that surrounds and sustains us, even as we ignore it. Remember that tear on the cheek of Chief Dan George, then go with your friends and neighbors this fall and vote the sons'a bitches out of office.


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