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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Deport Dubya

Eldie has it right, when Bush comes around with a proposal, take your cue from Rufus T. Firefly and say "I'm against it"
So what's all this hooey about immigration reform? Since when do the American people pay any attention to Congress? ("There is no distinctly American criminal class
-except Congress" -Mark Twain) Was American Idle cancelled or something?
For workable solutions, let us turn to two Texas treasures. First, Kinky Friedman has a plan from a retired Texas Ranger who proposes to take a few millions from the INS budget and put it in escrow for the Mexican Generals who control the other side of the border, with the understanding that whenever we apprehend an illegal migrant, they get dinged say, $10,000. Oughta work.
And then there's Molly Ivans sage advice that to stop the flow of illegals we simply have to arrest the people who hire them.


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