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Monday, April 24, 2006

Blue Bonnet Festival

Much love and appreciation goes out to the Texas Music star Smokey Wilson and his posse for the magnificent way he handled the stage at Saturday's Blue Bonnet Festival in charming Kenedy Texas.

Driftwood played some of their favorites to a crowd that assembled under the covered area. The weather was hot and dry and needless to say, there was little shade except for a few tortured old mesquites.

Incidentally, I was also up in the Hill Country for the annual Driftwood tribal pic nic near the Salt Lick and the Old Settlers Festival. Everything looked parched under the bright sun. The normally clear and cold Onion Creek was empty; the emerald Blanco River was pocked by a few scummy puddles. There were no blue bonnets to be seen, much less the usually abundent indian paint brush, primrose, holly hocks, brown eyed susans, indian blankets, flox, astors, prairie verbena, and wine cups. It looks like a dust bowl.

A cool wind with bluish clouds swept me into a pleasant dream state as I closed my eyes and listened to the gentle swishing of the dancers feet against the smooth cement floor. Later I ganced up and saw a one legged woman in a wheel chair turning circles on the dance floor. Later, she thanked us for the pretty music. I noticed that she had dried blood on her stump and old poo poo stains on the rear of the canvas seat of her chair as she turned away. What a lovely face and cheery smile she had with her gold tooth.

We care about the people who care about us. We are privileged and proud when we reach anyone with our music. To those souls we say thanks from the bottoms of our hearts.


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