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Friday, April 14, 2006

Texas Superfund Sites

Dedicated to the attention span of the American public and the governments reliance thereon.
I was browsing the web for some images that might be interesting and I came upon the one at left. I got to thinking back about the Superfund clean-up program and wondered what progress had been made. I remember thinking how noble it was that the government was endeavoring to clean up big messes made by big (and small) businesses, similar to believing how nice it was to finally have "peace in the middle east" back when Jimmy Carter was president. Here are some statistics about these sites in Texas:

Number of Sites: 52
Number of Completed Remediations: 24
Average Years to Completion: 9.2
Number of Sites Not Remediated: 28
Total Remediation Years: 248

The number of sites not remediated had a completion date of "N/A" or not applicable. I take this to mean NEVER. I do have a Superfund site near me, the "Jones Road Groundwater Plume". It is suspected to have been created from the waste, of all things, a dry-cleaning company, and has one of those NEVER dates on it, so now I will think twice whenever I drink well-water. All these sites have ominous names with words like "Plume", "Creosoting", "Disposal Pits", "Chemical", "Chromium", "Ammunition", "Acid", etc. It is surprising that the government did not hire a marketing company to spin these names. I am thinking of something similar the use of the word lagoon to mean a fuming pond of liquid pig shit from the pork agri-businesses on the east coast. Check for the neighborhood superfind site near you today!


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