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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Congressman Steve Stockman In the News

My congressman, Steve Stockman has been in the news again. Recent stories have spotlighted his missing or inaccurate campaign finance reports and failure to account for personal income in recent years. The latest story is about FEC investigation of $10,000 in campaign contributions from Indian casino backers. Last week it was about an old lady donating three dilapidated houses in Niagara Falls, New York to a supposedly non-profit foundation run by Stockman staffers; the lady thought they were connected to the Right to Life foundation but the check went to Stockman’s P.O. box in Webster Texas.

This story is starting to resemble the old Tom DeLay organization, with a large cast of as-yet-unindicted staffers and associates mixed up with shell corporations, phony non-profits and now, Indian tribes. There's Donny Ferguson, Communication Director and 2012 Campaign Manager, staffer Luther Bradley Lewis, fired staffer (straw donor relative) and 2013 Campaign Treasurer Jason Posey, Friends of Steve Stockman Treasurer and landlord John Hart (his mother donated the houses,) longtime associate and manager at sometimes-nonprofit Ross Center Jeff Van Fleet, fired staffer Thomas Dodd (son of straw donor Jane Dodd,) and Dennis Hayes, longtime Stockman associate and board member at The Ross Center.

This thing is fixing to blow. No wonder Stockman folded his re-election campaign and instead is running against incumbent senator and caveman John Cornyn; he needs a bunch of new voters who’ve never heard of him. Watch for him next on Dancing with the Stars.


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