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Thursday, November 07, 2013

An interesting column in the sports pages of todays Chronicle from former Astro and Astros broadcaster and manager Larry Dierker. He was writing about Texans coach Gary Kubiak collapsing on the field at Reliant Stadium in the middle of last Sundays football game.

Dierker has been called upon to comment on this because fourteen years ago, while managing a Houston Astros game he suffered a grand mal seizure and was carried off the field to undergo emergency surgery.

Dierker was a pitching phenom, a star broadcaster, and a fine manager. He is a student of the game, and has written good books about it. I can recommend his first, “This Ain’t Brain Surgery” as interesting, informative and flat-out funny. Here’s a bit of his column today, which addresses much more than sports:

“In my view there is something very disturbing.. Sports fans are losing their minds. What bothers me as an insider looking out is the societal outrage in sports. It’s not just in Houston and, indeed, not just in sports.”


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