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Saturday, November 16, 2013

News from Congressman Stockman

My Congressloon, Steve Stockman has been on the front page of The Chronicle twice this month. The other week it was because he fired two campaign workers, one his campaign treasurer, after the Federal Campaign Commission found that they had made illegal campaign contributions in the name of straw donors. They may have done this out of desperation, as his campaign fund is over $100,000 in debt.

“Stockman spokesman Donny Ferguson told the Chronicle Thursday that staffers Jason Posey and Thomas Dodd had been terminated. Posey had worked with Stockman since the mid-1990s, and was his 2013 campaign treasurer.

“In April 2013, Posey filed a report that falsely attributed three donations totaling $7,500 to a relative, Donnie Posey, in Mississippi, and another three, also totaling $7,500, to Dodd's mother. Then last month, Posey filed an amended report disclosing that he and Dodd actually had made the contributions originally attributed to their respective relatives, FEC records show.

“Under federal law, it's illegal to attribute contributions to "straw donors" - people other than the actual donors - or to knowingly file federal campaign reports with false information.”

Today the story is that Webster Texas’ Fire Marshall and city building officials ordered Stockman’s office closed and the electricity shut off for violating fire code and safety regulations. Stockman has used the steel building as a campaign headquarters since 2012 and bragged that campaign workers were sleeping on the floor and eating MREs three times a day.

Last month he sent me an e-mail claiming that staffers in his D.C. office voted unanimously Tuesday to reject enrollment in the District of Columbias Obamacare exchange.

Everyone in our office voted to reject enrollment.  We will not use taxpayer money to bail out a program that subsidizes abortion, said Stockman of the D.C. exchange. Obamacare is a failing Ponzi scheme that can only work if it overcharges young people and denies care to older people.”

So Stockman has staffers with no health insurance, and staffers who are sleeping on the floor in an old motorcycle shop. They’re working for a guy who fudged his resume and used to live in his car. Stockman’s guest at the State of the Union Address was loon Ted Nugent, who beshat himself and took speed on the way to his draft physical (but now is a foremost chickenhawk and gun nut.)

-Boy, I glad that I don’t work for this guy. Actually, I’m perplexed to think that he supposedly works for me. This guy is an embarrassment, and is ripe to get bumped-off by Michael Cole, a schoolteacher from Orange who is running against him in the 36th Congressional District next year.


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