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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Time to Wake Up

There is a very good post at Kos right now in which the writer makes the best point s about Occupy Wall Street that I've seen so far: let it happen.

The Tea Party "movement" was, and is, a media creation, funded by the Koch brothers, and the usual crowd of suspects on the far right, to promote pet legislation. "Keep your socialist hands off my Medicare," and other skreeds from the, mostly racist, rubes, was part of the carefully choriographed, fully funded, carefully scripted, organizational efforts of a few, and not the organic, grass-roots rage-fest it was promoted to the public.

The best thing the current occupyers could do is to eschew the hall-monitor, agenda driven types who attempt to insinuate themselves into happenings like this in order to gain personal power, or political influence.

The whole question from the power elite, along with their lap-dancing, compliant media partners of, "what do they want?" betrays their utter lack of meaningful connection with the 99% of us who are represented in NY and all over the country.

Hoarse, myself and others here have been asking the question, "where is the public anger and outrage?' for a long time now. It seems to have finally come. Maybe Mr. Obama can learn his lesson here; maybe not. It seems to me, that he has been a major part of the problem he was elected to address in the first place. He could refocus on what matters, and use the energy of this movement to bash the shit out of the Orangeman and his team of modern American traitors. Or he can muddle, dither, distance himself from what he and his spokespeople characterize as marginal and anathema to the true interests of the country, which he appears to be doing. The choice, and opportunity awaits. If he continues with the latter, he might as well pack his bag for a long vinard stay courtesy of his new friends, and live in historical infamy.

Which reminds me. Those Koch bros got some serious 'spaining to do to the teabaggers about their dealings with the Iranians. Whether it is Norquist dealing with the Taliban, Reed stealing from contributers, the sausageman stealing from his PAC, Cheney selling to Iranian terrorists or bribing officials overseas, their preachers putzing children, their pols putzing children, or some other freaky scandal, when will "conservatives" stop buying these creep's snake oil?

Let's pray that the madness on the right will stop, and Americans can start the job of rebuilding the nation.


At 10:50 PM , Blogger Julia B. said...

Wow, brooklynbadboy quotes from Cormac McCarthy. That's some dark lens.


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