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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Photo: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

Today the Chronicle must have wanted to run some important news of the day, so they reprinted an article from yesterday’s New York Times. “Nothing but food stamps” by Jason Deparle and Robert M. Gebeloff notes that a record number of Americans now receive food assistance, (34 million, one in nine Americans) and highlight the six million who report that they have no cash income.

But what really caught me today was the photo of gun collector Kevin Zirulo.

“Mr. Zirulo, 31, dropped out of community college and diverted student aid to household expenses. He is concerned about home invasion. "I can't be without a gun," he said. "It doesn't matter if it's a two-shot Derringer."

“Mr. Zirulo has sold off two semi-automatic rifles and a five-shot revolver. "I put my heart into this gun collection," Ms. Marshall (his sister) said. "This is our last line of defense here."”

-Please excuse me for piling on to somebody who’s fallen on hard times, but really, what is this guy afraid of? Does he think that somebody is going to break in and remove his body art? The Times article described his tattoos as “patriotic.” Really? I’d say this guy is a skinhead. He looks like one of the armed teabaggers that have been showing up at events where President Obama speaks.

I think it’s safe to say that the Liberty Bell is not the only thing cracked in this picture. He wears the word “freedom,” but I’d bet that if quizzed about the Bill of Rights the only amendment he could remember would be the second one. The Statue of Liberty? That’s rich, you just know this guy is a big fan of immigration. And on his right arm is that “Tree of Liberty” that Jefferson said needs to be watered with the blood of tyrants. Again, this one is popular with the armed nuts that show up when the President comes to town. Tim McVeigh was wearing it on a tee-shirt when he was arrested.

I’m not saying that Mr. Zurilo is a worthless P.O.S, I’m just saying that I probably wouldn’t hire him if there were many other candidates. I’ve been saying for years that this country needs a new Civilian Conservation Corps, a program to get this young man out in the fresh air, away from A.M. radio and cable news, and put him to work, maybe in the Everglades.


At 4:41 PM , Blogger Lulu Maude said...

Give 'em a dull shovel, though...

At 11:34 AM , Anonymous KZ said...

Hey smart guy,
The gun:
In 2005, I worked in a local independent pharmacy. Three months on the job, I opened fire on two armed robbers; one a federal fugitive. I was cleared within 3 hours. I've been diagnosed with/suffering from P.T.S.D. and extreme anxiety since. Also factor in the significant increase of home-invasion robberies here in Cape Coral. We had one happen about a block away around Christmas. The only gun I have left is a Glock 19 (pictured) that was made in 1989 (poor enough for you!?) I am licensed to carry it. I sold my remaining guns to fellow shooters/collectors, well under value, so we could make rent. No felons, gang-bangers, or kids. Good enough for you? As far as my tattoos, I've not had one done in many years. They were done by a Cape Coral tattoo shop owner I was friends with. Between age 21-25, I got deals on work. I probably spent about $1500 total for 40 hours of work. I don't fear someone stealing them. I fear desperate criminals attempting robbery. Poor economy generally 'graduates' criminals; good people become thieves, thieves become armed robbers, and robbers become killers. I'm not a skinhead. I don't hold any racist or anti-government views. I love America, and figured the theme was better than say, skulls or "MOM" in a heart. Who are you to criticize? Deparle took two unbelievably hard life stories, squeezed out the buzz words and quotes he needed for an article; leaving the rest up to the public to speculate. My brother does not live with us, we don't resell garbage or puppies on the Internet, and my name isn't even spelled right! (We mentioned using craigslist to sell some of our posessions to get ahead; furniture, electronics, etc. We've had yard sales, too.)


At 11:35 AM , Anonymous KZ said...

On school: I did quit college this year. I was half way through my second semester. Social anxiety in the classroom and car problems kept me from finishing. The small check I got for financial aid went to cover some of the debt that piled up this past year. I still have student loans to pay back.
Get your facts straight; I've never showed up at an Obama rally, nor do I have ties to any militia, teabagger, conservative, pro OR anti-immigration, or anti-government group. What you've said about me is borderline libel.
The article also made no mention of the fact that I have over 16 years experience in grocery/retail/management. After the shooting, I moved to my native Ohio for two years. I returned last year when the pizza shop I managed sold, and the entire staff was let go. (It was bought by a man who had stolen $1.7 million in mortgage fraud. I tried applying for unemployment for the first time in my life, but was denied because the owner had not been there for 6 months.) Since returning, I have applied for over 200 jobs; both in person and online. Not a single bite. Wal-Mart stores in this county are on a hiring freeze (I have worked for both Walmart and Sam's Club in the past.) You think I have not tried to find work? At 31, there are generations of younger applicants trying for the same retail jobs I am. Trust me pal, the jobs are just not there. So go ahead asshole, quiz me on the Bill of Rights. I don't listen to am radio (any talk radio bores me, especially political-types shouting opinions at each other,) and I don't have cable tv. You certainly assume a lot. So, I'm not a completely worthless P.O.S. in your book? Well, that certainly makes me feel better. I have never been arrested for any crime, have worked since age 14, and do whatever I can to get by and help out the family. This article was a huge shot to my pride, believe me. Nobody _wants_ to be portrayed this way. I just hoped that being included might be a way to share my struggle with a society that obviously couldn't understand all the factors involved. It's easy to take random shots at people in situations that you have no knowledge of.
How about an apology? No? It's hard to admit when you're WRONG.
Fine. Let's get ignorant for a second: Go fuck your dead mother.
-Kevin Z.

At 11:45 AM , Anonymous KZ said...

It should be mentioned, that I am an aspiring writer and blogger myself.
I have four self-illustrated books nearing completion, as well as a novel; "Dirty Pharmacy."

(I know I hit below the belt with my last comment, but the character assassination I was responding to was far worse.)

Kevin Z.
Cape Coral, FL

At 12:54 PM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...


Thanks for your compelling story. Good luck with the novel.

However, I'll have you know that Judge Hoarse, (known on the bench as, "Judge Doom") has an extensive firearms collection, and is surrounded by Texans. He sustained Krystal Davis vs. Goose Creek ISD on the issue of cheerleaders rights to concealed weapons, only to be overturned at the Criminal Court of Appeals.

I for one welcome his views on law, order and food stamps.


At 4:41 PM , Anonymous KZ said...

I also respect the opinions of others. Much luck to him in the future. My blog is (I take shots at people at times, too. I however, am willing to stand behind anything I post.) I'm happy that Texans like him, but what does that have to do with me? I never made any sort of threat, so why would you mention his being surrounded by Texans? How is that relevant? God Bless Texas.

In my 20's, I too had a very extensive gun collection. That being said, he has no right to say hateful things about me (please don't invoke the First Amendment here; that only applies when you're not telling absolute lies about people in public.) He decided my views on immigration, my political affiliation, and likened me to a domestic terrorist. He also called me a skinhead; I only shave my head because it's a clean, easy-to maintain, cheap haircut; and my hairline is receding. These comments have cost him some degree of credibility. He has made some pretty terrible assumptions about me; all of it very wrong. I've taken heat over the article; some of my family has even disowned us for taking part. I simply don't appreciate this guy making a bunch of incorrect, half-assed assumptions about me for all the world to see. I find it funny that after embarassing me how he did, he's made no effort to contact me, post a correction, etc. (I suppose he never expected me to read his rude remarks and respond personally.) Cowardly course of action in my book (with absolutely all due respect to his career, followers, and support for the Second Amendment.)

I'm thankful for the opporitunity to clear up a few things. If I had not been wrongly accused of essentially being an ignorant, racist redneck, the judge and I would probably share a lot of common views/opinions. Shame the interaction had to be under such unfortunate terms.

(Also, thanks for not simply killposting my response; far too many sites resort to censorship when they don't care for what you have to say.)


At 12:39 AM , Blogger Julia B. said...

Darn, KZ; I owe you an apology, and thanks for the refresher course on not judging a book by its cover. As I wipe the egg off my face, I have to wonder if you wrote to the Times too. They certainly failed to accentuate your positives. As they couldn’t even get your name right, you’re due a correction or retraction, in a forum that gets a lot more attention than our little blog; you may gain some notice for your writing and artwork that way.
South Florida sound like Fort Apache, I suppose a wrecked economy and housing meltdown can do that. For a young guy like you, I might suggest the geographic cure. Best of luck anyways.
-Charly Hoarse

At 9:18 AM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...


My apologies. I say stupid shit all the time, mostly to make some ridiculous point.

In this case, I merely wanted to relate my view that Charly embraces 2nd Amendment prinicpals, and that Texans are a race of murderous, bi-polar, reactionary, gun-fetishists.



At 5:28 PM , Anonymous KZ said...

Thank you everybody. (My unpleasant rudeness is certainly withdrawn.) I e-mailed Jason Deparle, and he offered every explanation under the sun. (Editor error, etc.) I didn't bother asking for a correction, as the damage was already done (a correction on page 50, 14 days later?) I asked for my brother not to even be mentioned, and the Times listed him as living with us. He was humiliated; still won't speak to me. I thought about contacting the Pulitzer judges (as that is obviously Deparle's goal) to explain how badly I had been misrepresented. His wife works in the health care branch of the Obama Administration; with people that well-connected, I worried about pressing the issue (you know what they say about rich folks and their whims...)
In the mean time, my first illustrated book, "Just...Wow" should be completed this week. It's a 28-pg. collection of off-the-wall scenarios. Trying to find a way to make art and writing pay the bills. I will succeed. Feel free to enjoy my work! Be safe, everyone.



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