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Friday, September 29, 2006

Insulting Everyone

I am bringing back the bottom 50 worst insults in honor of the clean skirts in this state:

1. Putty-titted lizard-sucking Tanzanian retard!
2. Unctuous dildo-fingered Camaro monkey Goomba!
3. Arrogant vodka-sweating Scandinavian snowman-fucker!
4. Gland-juggling rubber-tickling Australian Playtex-poof!
5. Petty, twat-faced Dominican chupacabra-diddler!
6. Piss-gargling, pig-drilling Nebraska barn queen!
7. Cat-greasing cookie-pounding Lebanese cellulite forest!
8. Bunion-hobbled narcoleptoid Bavarian cabbage snatch!
9. Macaroni-munching Nevada club-foot worshipper!
10. Half-naked face-scratching Faroe-Islander trailer trash!
11. Psoriasis-ravaged google-eyed Syrian cock vortex!
12. Leather-lunged pruney-pudded Azerbaijani ass-pilot!
13. Snooty, chancre juice chugging Ecuadorian priss!
14. Smelly knuckle-dragging sequin-wearing Slovakian sasquatch-fag!
15. Wishy-washy scrotum-cheeked Eskimo fuck!
16. Typical tone-deaf Canadian jizz tampon!
17. Lyre-strumming congenital idiot Panamanian golf hazard!
18. Chicken-stealing psychotic mumbling Hungarian troll-poler!
19. Arrogant pus-gushing Namibian fiddler crab!
20. Morose defeatist carbuncular Latvian anus-gazer!
21. Just your average prolapsed rectum incarnate German!
22. Gap-toothed Philistine Comanche zit licker!
23. Pink-eyed pyramid scheming Danish castrato-fondler!
24. Carcass-rolling maggot-pimpled Kyrgyzstani yak-slammer!
25. Thunder-thighed Belgian manic-depressive twat-chomper!
26. Dumpster-diving gum-rescuing Nicaraguan bung-beggar!
27. Soup-slurping phlegm-coughing jarlsberg-toed Norwegian barge rat!
28. Annoyingly gregarious, crouton-baking Sicilian mole farm!
29. Thieving coked-up Azorian coconut fucker!
30. 900-pound bedsored fold-fucking Costa Rican soap frightener!
31. Spongecake-decorating limpdicked dirty Maltese sheepfaggot!
32. Greedy thimble-dicked harelip Cambodian cripple-lover!
33. Miserable detail-oriented Armenian sweathog!
34. Barnacle-taunting freckle-assed Irish perch-bully!
35. Toejam-snorting Kiwi dick coozie!
36. Incontinent ping-pong nutted Bulgarian taint-breath!
37. Typical vindictive, hairy-eared Guyanese whoremonger!
38. Two-faced llama-fisting Argentinean smegma geyser!
39. Goat-stinking gong-smacking Chinese loaf-launcher!
40. Lazy good-for-nothing shiftless Moldovian sphincter lint!
41. Sour thankless near-sighted Siberian panty-creamer!
42. Feces-fixated penguin-pronging idiot Antarctic fucknut!
43. Elf-masturbating pixie-poking Easter Island dick-dwarf!
44. Officious parvenu-pooper Icelandic procto-scholar!
45. Inveterate mush-mouthed Jamaican strawberry mark humper!
46. Crumb-covered pope-buttering Vatican City syphilis slut!
47. Sullen, gratuitously histrionic Manitoba hermaphrodite apologist!
48. Conniving left-handed girdle-sniffing Djiboutian bungholer!
49. Disgusting bagpipe-fellating Scottish horse-dicked sex maniac!
50. Archetypal whiny, cretinously over-sensitive Earth fuckwad!

Thanks to Chickenhead


At 12:29 AM , Blogger Undercover Mother said...

I would have thought that covered everyone, but then I remembered Scientologists aren't really originally from Earth.

At 7:34 PM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...

That's asking for trouble.


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