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Monday, November 07, 2011

Perry’s Zombie Campaign

If you wonder why I’m still picking on Rick Perry, after he puked all over himself in the debates, crashed in the polls like John McCain in a A-4E, and made a fool of himself in New Hampshire, consider this; in the last quarter he raised more money ($17 million) than Mitt Romney, ($14 million) and more than all the other GOP ‘candidates’ combined. This, even though the Texas Bush fundraising machine is mostly supporting Windsock Willard the establishment candidate.

When the voting starts in January, the seven dwarfs will start dropping like flies. Only a few will have the means to stick it out past Iowa and New Hampshire. Few of the three-quarters of Republican voters who oppose Romney will back Ron Paul because Paul is too sane when it comes to foreign policy. So the anybody but Romney crowd will have to settle for somebody. As Molly Ivins said; “Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president, please pay attention.”

And about that money; I about fell out laughing last week when Perry talked about taking “a wrecking ball, a sledge hammer –whatever it takes to break up the good-old-boy corporate lobbyist mentality that is putting this country’s future in jeopardy.” This from a guy whose fingerprints were on the Cattlemans Association’s hamburger suit against Oprah Winfrey, whose Governors office has had a revolving door to rival that of ‘pay to play’ Tom DeLay.

Yeah, money: Juanita at The World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon reports today on a new Super PAC, Texas Aggies for Perry in 2012. One of those Aggies is Wendy Gramm, appointed to the Texas A&M Board of Regents by Rick Perry. Mrs. Gramm served on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission when they exempted Enron from regulation of trading in energy derivatives, and then resigned to take a seat on the Enron Board of Directors. Phil Gramm gave Perry $613,000 from his Senate Campaign Account. “Bailout Nation” author Barry Ritholtz called Phil Gramm the person third-most-responsible for the Great Recession. Juanita says Gramm has been linked to sixteen major financial crisis events, and that “If Rick Perry gets elected, you’re giving Phil Gramm the keys to Fort Knox.”


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