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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Is That A Bible In Your Pocket?

Why do I keep acting like Rick Perry is light in the loafers? Because credible witnesses tell me about their expereince with Perry's circumstances that appear very much reasonable to conclude as something that has come up in the past.

I don't like politicans, such as the governor, who do things like facilitate cuts to services for handicapped children with so much apparent glee. It is seemingly reflexive on the part of these guys to deamonize their victims so that whatever happens makes it appear that they had it comin' to 'em. Teachers, environmentalist, latinos, the poor, are all bad people. But gay folks get special treatment, and in light of Perry's possible polarity in that regard, this relentless homophobic bashing strikes me as hypocritical beyond my ability to tolerate. Even from the party of incredible macho men like Ralph Reed, Gary Bauer, and Orin "Chaps" Hatch.

Perry's Texas miracle: 1. Texas debt = 28 billion; 2. Texas 45 -50th in per capita social services spending; 3. Texas No. 1 in uninsured people; 4. Texas No. 1 in minimum wage jobs; 5. 45% of wages below the poverty line; 6. Unemployment = 8.5%; 7. Six states with lower unemployment.

I don't care how much of a Christian he pretends to be, the suffering he helps cause in order to look after his friends is not very Christian, to me. But let's not confuse religion with sexual orientation; he does that by himself just fine. He has called upon the people everywhere to join him in a day of prayer:

"In a video invitation, Perry says it was inspired by the Old Testament Book of Joel, with an apocalyptic passage on God's army marching on the Israelites to punish them for their moral decline. Perry says America is facing a similar moral crisis today. In Joel, God calls on the Israelites to come together in a "sacred assembly" with "fasting, with weeping and with mourning." Perry said Americans should do the same at the gathering at Reliant Stadium, where the 2004 Super Bowl was held." *

The Super Bowl??? Wow!

He sent out 71,000 invitations, but only got 8,000 back. None of the politicians he invited dare to appear at such a spectical. The event became a bit of an abortion (ironic?) just about as soon as it began. Perry had the thing catered by the Fred Phelps Ladies Auxilliary - just kidding. No, really:

The American Family Association is paying for the event – no public money is involved. The evangelical association is a nonprofit that describes itself as being "on the front lines of America's culture war" and was previously known as the National Federation for Decency. The group, based in Tupelo, Miss., publishes a magazine and operates 200 radio stations. The group condemns homosexuality, opposes abortion rights and argues that the First Amendment's guarantee of religious freedom only applies to Christians.
The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled the association a hate group for spreading misinformation about homosexuals and transgender people. Perry has dismissed such characterizations and appeared on a Christian radio show with the association's president, Tim Wildmon.
The prayer gathering "is not political, it's not about promoting an organization. ... It's about people calling out to God," Perry said on July 14. "I want God helping me, guiding me, giving me direction." *

Even though Fox News will make the thing look as big as Woodstock on TV, the air is already out of the whoopie cushion. It's a dud. In fact, I've heard smart-alec hippies and rubber neckers are making plans to attend to get free Jesus gear...Oh, and the hundreds of protestors.

At this point, my advice to Gov. Goodhair is to pray. In a closet.

*Many thanks to Huffinton Post.


At 4:41 PM , Blogger judge chief charly hoarse said...

Heard around here that Beck's station is gonna be called "El G B T-V."

At 6:02 AM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...


Does Blogger have a feature that plays rim shots? We need rim shots.



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