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Saturday, July 30, 2011

We'll Take a Rain Check

Mom and dad are at it again. She will remorsefully sweep the broken plates and chine into the dustbin for Monday pick up as unsual; they'll promise not to fight in front of me, or use me as the foil. Again.

The doctors and therapists are divided about whether or not this fueding will psychically harm me is some way. Although, I say distinctively yes, the experts believe that communication geared towards problem solving (read democracy) is the better end.

Verbal violence coupled with threats and calumny are simply what they are in the final analysis. TV politics crave the brinkmanship story because it keeps the cameras around and the story going. Men make names for themselves by pretending to be strong (or, in Perry's case- not gay) once matters are settled, the whole system gets ready for more brinkmanship. It's exciting TV!

I believe American hubris has finally gotten the better of us. The current"debt crisis" negotiations have taken us to a place that I fear spells the beginning of the end of the American Empire. They'll just fix it after zero-hour negotiations and shake hands, and our bond rating will be just fine, right?

I don't think so.

We seem to have forgot these last ten years that the rest of the world firmly believes that mom and dad want to kill each other; that they are the number-one most dangerous threat to peace and civility in the neighbor hood. Dad has so many guns, they are laying around in the yard, and he shoots people all the time, like the mailman and screams, "castle law, castle law! No one goes there anymore. Mom and dad have an ugly trash fire in the backyard that they burn tires and PCB's in 24/7. They have about 20 strange men in battle fatigues living in the garage that the call, "Uncle Carlos," or, "Uncle Xieu."

And now they want the neighborhood to come buy everything at their yard sale cause the need the money.

Naw. I don't think so.


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