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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The CCA Anglers Rodeo kicked off at dawn Saturday and I was in West Bay at sunrise netting up bait. I had picked this spot to get out of the 20 kt winds that had the surf head-high at the beach. Pretty morning but for the wind, but only hooked up a croaker on shrimp, a blue crab, and a royal tern who wanted the mullet I was flogging.

I fished topwaters on the Seabrook flats and back bay this morning, trying for a big bite while the holiday crowd around me fed bait to the panfish. No bite, but I did get to christen my new belt, a ski belt rigged for wading. Swims better than the vests I’ve been wearing, and looks sharp too (yeah.)

The STAR tournament is great incentive to get in the water, what with boats and trucks for prizes. The CCA membership is always one of my favorite checks to write. They’re the fisherman’s lobby, working for conservation, research, restocking, and to counter commercial interests on behalf of the rod and reel guys. I used to enjoy paying my license fee too when the monies were dedicated to conservation and enforcement, but recent legislatures trying to ‘starve the beast’ have long since raided those funds.


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