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Friday, November 19, 2010

Hollah Loud!

I'm not anti-law enforcement, but my God they make it hard not to cringe sometimes.

The Lopez family in their search for answers to their loved one's murder has been up against powerful institutional resistance from the first moment of learning of their tragic loss.

I'm going to stop wondering why the SA Express News is such a whore, and just accept the fact that it is. She has her hot pants on and a handful of condoms this morning as she blows the entire SAPD and the NISD police by getting their story out there prominently to the public. Albeit laced with distortions and misinformation, this is what the public sees, and this is what the court of public opinion will digest; eventually poisoning a jury.

The Lopez family has nothing but questions; however, their questions are piercingly relevant: why didn't Alvarez call for back-up, and why did he have his gun drawn? Why didn't he follow established police proceedure? However, if they expect answers and not a public white-washing, I think they need to move quickly on a single front.

Hire counsel - good ones, and get the story of Derek's life out there. Refute publicly the city and the school district's facts. Demand investigations from outside the city, preferably the fed, and not the Texas Rangers. This is politics; be political. This is a causeworthy issue and people want to help.

Remember, whores do it for money; they don't care whose.


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