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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Thanks from the Great State of Massabamma

When I see people worry about Republicans "taking over," it amuses me to reflect upon my 50 years of human experience that pukes can't even masturbate in a public restroom stall without fuking up, much less actually make rational public policy or manage government operations.

Face it, they are the, "Daddy spanked me so much I got Stockholm Syndrome, party," and the psychic trauma left behind compells them to make sure everyone else gets a trip to the woodshed.

"Movement Conservatism," and, "Freemarket Economies," plus, other political and economic genius propounded by the parties' intelligencia, whoever that is, makes no accomodations for stuff like reality, since the freemarket had to be pulled out of a ditch by a government tow truck, and the "movement" as we hear it from Glen Beck, et al, is utterly incomprehensible (see: 'spanking'). S.I. Hiwakawa and William Buckley, who talked prettily, never really ever said anything the current yahoos could understand, which leaves Ronald Reagan, (who was severely brain damaged) and Ayn Rand (now we're getting someplace) who posthumously dictates that, "I got mine and the rest of you can go fuck yourself and die," (snort!)

Which brings us back to Texas, in the post-election after-glow of a massive Republican daisy chain, with Rick Perry as Queen of the May. Millions of rolls of Scott Towells were required to wipe up the hubris left behind, that stained mom's furniture, (but she won't make a peep because dad might smack her).

The Leg is so excited at the prospect of litterally killing sick children, disabled people, and the elderly without anybody doing anything about it, that they are planning to "pull out," of the Medicaid and CHIPs system. They figure that if they don't have to pony up the 25 billion dollar deficit will just go away. All that boring, pointy-headed facts and figures about the catastrophic impact to the economy from 60 billion dollars in lost federal revenue, and from damage to the public health of 3 1/2 millions citizens, who are already the most under-educated populous in the country, is just more lies from "libruls," who want to take our guns, candy, and baby jeebus, (who is my favorite).
Hey, when your 50th in everything, what's less than last? No more, "thank God for Mississippi.


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