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Monday, October 18, 2010

Rick Perry Caught in Bed with a Live Boy or a Dead Girl

Is this what it’s going to take? I heard one analyst say that Bill White should hope to be the underdog up until the last day before the election. Well, early voting starts today and White trails Perry in the polls by something over the margin of error. Got him where he wants him?

My own observation, from working the phones at the local Bill White for Texas HQ, shows about an equal number of supporters for each candidate, and a surprising number of undecideds. Undecided!?

Problem with undecided voters is that they are also unmotivated. Even if they fall our way, they are unlikely to make the effort to actually vote. Please impress on your friends and family the importance of voting Bill White for governor. Texas can ill afford four more years of Rick Perry’s partisanship and cronyism.

Rick Perry’s career as a corporate tool took off when as a state legislator, he went to bat for the chemical industry to stop the state from regulating pesticides. This got him industry backing to be elected Agriculture Commissioner. Next he encouraged the Cattlemen to sue Oprah Winfrey under Texas’ Food Disparagement law because she did a show that told how the cattlemen’s practice of feeding downer cattle to other livestock put us at risk for mad cow disease. Once Bush resigned and made him governor, it’s been off to the races. Want to lease Texas tollroads? Write ‘dead peasant policies’ on retired schoolteachers, buy the Texas Lottery, or sell HPV vaccines for every schoolgirl in Texas? Maybe you just want to charge high fees to administer pension funds, or invest them in connected companies. Perhaps you want the Enterprise Fund to cut a $20 million deal with sub-prime mortgage giant Countrywide Financial, or want the governor to call a special session or three so Tom Delay can pack the Texas Congressional delegation for his “permanent majority.’ The list goes on and on, pay to play is the name of the game, and the revolving door is open.


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