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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

State and Local News

Tuesday, Harris County commissioners voted 4-1 to pass a resolution seeking to abolish the office of county treasurer. Perennial candidate Orlando Sanchez is seeking the Republican nomination for the post, saying he needs the job because "my deep-pocketed anonymous donors are tapped out" and vowed, if elected, "to land a HumVee on the planet Mars by 2008."
If nominated, he would face Democratic candidate Richard Garcia, who advocates abolishing the position.
President Bush has deployed 37 National Guard troops under Houston State Rep. Rick Noriega to the Mexican border at Laredo. Lt. Colonel Noriega only recently returned form a tour of duty in Iraq. Look for the White House to continue to advance TRMPAC's goal of shipping out all Democratic State Legislators so they can be replaced by members selected by the Christion Coalition, the Eagle Forum, and other batshit rightwing cliques.


At 3:42 AM , Anonymous Silence Dogwood said...

There you go again, Charly. Sanchez may be campaigning on issues way beyond the scope of the treasurer's office, but he didn't really say he would land his Harley or HumVee on Mars, did he?
And TRMPAC didn't transport legislators, they simply targeted vulnerable candidates and used corporate money to smear them in attack ads. Get real!


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