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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Music Business

Re: Snake Farm SA Express News 6/21/06

Mr. Beal

I didn't like your article very much. As you know, I had already co-wrote and co-produced "Snake Farm," with my band, Driftwood, released in 7/05, with copyrights filed in 11/03. I think you know this because we corresponded about this in 1/06. I offered to pay you to listen and say something about it because we were trying to develope a nascent press-pack as a struggling band with no help from anyone. You wrote me back and mentioned you would try to listen if you had the time and to please send a copy, which I did. You explained you could not accept renumeration for your listening time, I suppose out of some ethical consideration. (That makes your aritcle even more fascinating). Of course, you didn't answer.

It wouldn't surprise me if you were friends with Mr. Hubbard, who appears to be a contemporary of yours. I've heard him on your Thursday show on KYSM. I like Mr. Hubbard myself, except that he is coward for not talking to me. To me, he ripped off my concept, style and theme and has indicated for me to crap in my hat by his silence. His record company knows too -never answered me.

What I have learned about music at the turn of the century was distilled in your compelling interview with Lloyd Maines and Terri Hendrix recently with their new release. Basically, it is so hard to sell CD's that the business has transcended to up-loads and digital recording. Ms. Hendrix might sell more dauschund tee-shirts than CD's. I love her kid shows. They are struggling; Ray is struggling; we are struggling. The benefit that they get from your free media might help keep them afloat. All we wanted you to do was return my e-mail and say anything because we wanted your opinion. "You suck," would have sufficed and I told you so at the time.

But we don't suck. We are doing fine, thank you very much. Although I would love for you to write someday about something you didn't like, many fans have written to us about how they like and admire what we do. MyTexasMusic has been nurturing and kind. We have great musicians and great artists. If you could hear us live you would freak.

The future is in the internet and less in terestrial radio and print media. I wish you well,




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