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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chupacabra Report

-I was pleased to read that the Federal Elections Commission is still on the case of  Congressloon Steve Stockman. The Chronicle reported this week that the FEC informed Stockman that "Since the candidate is not seeking office and will not participate in the general election, any contribution received for the general election must be returned to the donors," the FEC's letter reads. "Although the Commission may take further legal action, your prompt action to refund these contributions will be taken into consideration."
"Please note, you will not receive an additional notice from the Commission on this matter," the letter read. "Adequate responses must be received by the Commission on or before" June 13 "to be taken into consideration in determining whether … action will be initiated."

Hah! Just deserts for this career grifter; hit him in the pocketbook. I wonder if he invested his campaign cash in Bitcoins last year before they fell 60% in value?

-I just read about Grover Norquist’s Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, a movement to name something after Ronald Reagan in every county in the nation. Nevada Republican Joe Heck introduced a bill in Congress to name Frenchman’s Peak, east of Las Vegas, after the 40th President. Oregon Democrat Pete DeFazio introduced an amendment to name Yucca Mountain after Reagan, as Reagan supported establishing a nuclear waste depository there. This inspired Democrat Jared Huffman of California to go them both one better and re-name the earth “Planet Reagan.”