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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Re: Haiti

Please don't forget that Tousaint's slave revolt in 1800 defeated Napolean's best army, and Haiti became the first black independent nation, besides the free peoples in tribal Africa.

Prior to this, slave holders rarely imagined a people in bondage violently uprising against their masters. After that, they slept with one eye open. Later rebellions like Nat Turner's and John Brown's sealed the fate of that evil institution forever by changing the public attitude in the North away from indifference and compromise toward the violent overthrow of the bastions of forced servidute. In fact, England freed its' slaves in 1809, later the rest of the world.

I challenge any person of color who is standing on the shoulders of the Haitian freedom fighters to look away from the tragic suffering of their modern ancestors and not feel the burning shame of their disgracefull ingraditude. And if you look upon Haiti as some international nigger town too far gone to save, then go to hell, because you're no different than the white biggots who oppressed Haiti via U.S. colonialism ever since.


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