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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chupacabra Report

Walked in the room and saw CNN was on top of the big news of the day: Anna Nicole’s dead body and Brittany’s bony head. This really gets my goat!

Last week Bush signed off on the same North Korean nuke agreement that he rejected
when he came into office. No, he’s not trying to win the Nobel Peace Prize for Dummies,he’s getting ready for the next war. In Iran.

Last month he sent the John C. Stennis Carrier Group to the Persian Gulf, to join the Carrier USS Eisenhower. I’ve been thinking about how shallow the gulf is, (50 meters) And how narrow the Strait of Hormuz. (33 KM)

Senator James Webb, Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan, said he didn’t like to send ships into the gulf because there’s no room to turn around.

I did a search to see how many Chinese Silkworm missiles the Iranians have. Turns out that they’ve been making their own since 2004. Last year Hizballah used one to hit an Israeli ship, the Spear. If some crazy jihadder hits a US ship with one of those, even Dennis Kucinich will be calling for war. The word here is provocative.

The White House is winding up to pitch this war, to sell it like cornflakes, just as they did in 2002. That’s why Condi Rice is over there. That’s why then hats from the Pentagon are on TV accusing the Iran gov’t of supplying Iraqi insurgents. Ready for the next war?

If we don’t stop this somebody else might. Almost half the world’s oil passes through the gulf, and any disruption could put a major hickey on the world economy. Bush has been waging war in Iraq and Afganistan all this time on borrowed money, and the Chinese and Japanese might find they’ve lost their taste for US securities, and turn off the money supply. This could necessitate a sort of balloon payment on the national debt. Remember the Carter administration when the prime rate was 20%? This mess could make that look like the good old days.


At 8:37 PM , Blogger Julia B. said...

Gosh Charly, I'm just watching SNL open up with the same angle; CNN news flogging Anna Nicole so as to drown out Wolf Blitzer's news from Iraq. The only person who can be happy about this is that poor astronaut with the diaper trip.


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