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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DeLay ‘Cleared’ in Abramoff Case

That was the Chronicle’s page one headline today. I had always thought that the Justice Dept. had enough small fish that somebody would rat him out. Maybe the investigation ran out of steam once they let Bush and Rove off the hook.

DeLay told reporters “"I know this is the price of leadership, but frankly, it doesn't have to happen this way. I hope people will look at my case and decide the criminalization of politics and the politics of personal destruction is not beneficial to our country or our system.

Funny, that. He is certainly an authority on the “criminalization of politics.” He said another funny thing..

"It's hard to make a living, and politically, people don't want to associate with you," DeLay said. "When people call me wanting my endorsement, I talk them out of it because it's not smart politics."

-Can’t argue with that either.

Delay still faces state charges over illegal corporate campaign contributions. The question is whether his co-defendants will roll over on him. Jim Ellis and John Colyandro face sentences of up to five years for conspiracy and up to twenty years for money laundering.


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