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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chupacabra Report

I heard this evening that the big health insurance stock prices ended mixed at the close of the market today, mostly flat, plus or minus 1%.

I’d say that’s an indication of whose ox didn’t get gored. Regulation aside, 30 million new customers is nothing to sneeze at.

Later I had a cup of tea, and afterwards, saw something in the leaves.
Unfortunately I saw nothing about the upcoming midterms. I like what I saw from Democratic consultant Ed Martin yesterday..
“In Texas state government, we've got a lot of problems. They all fall at the Republicans' feet. If voters in Texas want to throw the bums out who are running state government, the bums running everything in Austin are Republicans.”

I hope so; with redistricting coming up after the census. In my district, a race between Nobody and Whozat elected a LaRoucher to run against Phil Gramm clone Pete Olson this fall. A gain of a few seats in the Texas Legislature by the Democrats could go a long way towards unmaking the crooked mid-decade gerrymandering instigated by Tom DeLay.

But back to prognosticating; with all the red state A G’s going to court to nullify the new health care measures, chances are that the Roberts Supreme Court will find an opportunity to rule on it. After ruling that corporations need not be bothered by campaign finance laws, it’s a good bet that the supremes will find that actual people don’t have to suffer accessible or affordable health coverage either.

This could work to show John Q. Public which side he really wants to be on, just in time to re-elect the President with a solid mandate to pass a true universal healthcare program, including the death penalty for health insurance companies that reap windfall profits off of human suffering.

While I’m dreaming, let’s have the Texas State Board of Education direct history teachers to teach Eisenhower’s Military-Industrial Complex speech. After about twenty years of that, maybe we really could turn our swords into ploughshares.


At 9:08 AM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...


I think the states that have indicated a challenged are Virginia and Gen. Abbot her in Texas. What I understand them to contend is a 10th Amendment issue concerning state agency jurisdiction and regulation vis the Insurance Board and the standard wing-nut saw of "unfunded mandates."

Gov. Nancy has refused at least 350 million in help just for health care and education from Obama, which isn't very relevant, but does lend some perspective to the sincerity of such arguments.

However, this has been tried before very effectively to the point that Medicaid and Medicare were repealed long ago - oh, wait...


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