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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heal Lepers!? Are You Crazy?

Maybe you've seen the Republican Jesus figureens where he is posed giving a thumbs up and a knowing wink? It's a funny concept alright, but like all things ridiculous it has its roots in truth.
I was listening to Glenn Beck this morning, which I had stopped doing a few months ago because it finally had gotten too stressful to endure. He went right to caller one who complained that his kid's catholic school was indoctrinating girls in Catachism classes using the old "social justice" playbook. And somehow this issue got conflated into a kind of Christian theology that preaches that Jesus was indeed a free market adherent and not some pussy who believed in giving away things for free. Furthermore, any idea or policy that promotes social justice is just communism in sheep's clothing. To quote the caller, (whose shpeel was enthuseastically endorsed by Beck) "I believe the only way to be truly close to God is through the American Free Enterprise System."
For anybody who isn't a little freaked out by the country's most powerful congressmen and senators; like Coburn, Ensign, Wamp, and Bart Stupak and many, many others, essentially living with a cult called, "The Family" in "The C Street House" - blocks from the Capitol for free, while sponsoring legislation and policies that favor The Family and their friends, it's probably too late to lengthen your attention span. But to the rest of us, this attempt to corrupt Christian faith into a religious justification for naked capitalism, should be an additional reminder that wing-nuts never sleep.
The ironic part is that the Government had to save American capitalism, because the Government failed to regulate an institution that cannot survive without it, and the notion that free markets are the perfect systems to cure all ills (including the soul) like all religions are just mythology.


At 7:55 AM , Blogger Lulu Maude said...

an additional reminder that wing-nuts never sleep... They say that sleep deprivation is a great way to induce psychosis.

And so to bed.


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