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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Subject: Government run Death Panels

Sarah Palin is concerned about older people having to appear in front of a government "death panel" describing it as "downright evil". I suppose as a Republican she would want privately held corporate death panels.

Oh wait! We have that already. It's called the insurance industry. Except you don't get to appear, you just get denied.

I think what is downright evil is what the insurance companies are doing to America.

-Marc Perkel

Subject: death panels

We already have death panels. Every insurance company has one. They call him/her The Medical Director.

The one who says you are denied coverage because a kidney transplant is "experimental" or that you have reached their imposed "cap" on treatment. They are the real death panels, and they get paid very well for making their "informed" decisions.

- Nanci the Paralegal

I would rather my death panelists be politicians that can be fired by the voters rather than a Rethug who gets a bonus everytime he saves the company money by denying somebody's rightful claim.

That's one reason we had the housing crisis. If you give some realtor $10K each time they rook some young couple into an A.R.M. that realtor is going to get rich and hundreds of homes will be reclaimed by the bank 6 months later.


The Institute Of Medicine ( estimates that 22,000 Americans die every year because they lack health insurance.

-Charly Hoarse


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