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Sunday, August 06, 2006

DeLay for Congress

Well, unless we get hosed by the supremes again, the “Party of Harding” will have Tom DeLay on the District 22 ballot this November. This could be disastrous news for this candidate, who has been counting on using his remaining campaign war chest to pay the passel of lawyers he’s been employing. It can’t be getting any easier for him to raise money. Remember that in the last primary, he scored the lowest proportion of his votes in the Sugarland community he’s represented for twenty years. People are getting wise to him. And I can’t help but believe that the various prosecutors who are interested in him might go easier on him if he would just shut up and go away. I think that is why he tried to quit in the first place. Some of his associates have been convicted of crimes that carry possible life sentences, and they gotta be singing up a storm.
DeLay’s crooked machinations have left Texas with the weakest congressional delegation in a hundred years, and made the atmosphere toxic for Republicans across the country.Old Hot Tub Tom has pissed in the tub, and now he has to climb back into it. Sweet.


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