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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Masters of the Universe?

Heard a funny piece today from Heidi Moore at Marketplace Radio about financial astrologers and Wall Street traders. She spoke to two of these fortunetellers who advise thousands of clients in America’s financial capitol, some of whom receive their newsletters in a plain brown wrapper. Astrologer Karen Starich was sounding warnings about the upcoming congressionally-induced “fiscal cliff,' saying something about “Saturn squared to Neptune.” Soothsayer Arch Crawford, a former stock analyst at Merrill Lynch warned about making financial moves when "Mercury is in retrograde." All this might be alarming to some who like to believe that the US economy is in capable hands. This reminded me of a story GOP candidate Willard Romney told in his acceptance speech about tough times when he was starting out in business at Bain. He said that he considered investing the pension fund from his church, but decided not to because “he didn’t want to go to hell.” Surveys tell that a slight majority of Americans believe in hell, with a slightly higher number professing a belief in heaven. At least Romney hasn’t started talking about the End Times like Ronald Reagan did..


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