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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Chupacabra Report

From The Houston Chronicle last Wednesday:

-A 12-year-old Hockley boy accidently shot and killed his younger brother when they were playing with shotguns unsupervised, officials said.
They were playing with the guns, a 12-gauge pump shotgun and a 20-gauge shotgun, found in the bedroom closet, said Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith.
The Waller County District Attorney's office is determining whether the parents would face any possible charges.

-A Houston police officer shot a man who had waved a gun at a Pasadena restaurant, officials said. The man had refused orders to drop his gun when he was shot by officer Michael Lareau, Pasadena Police Department spokesman Vance Mitchell said.

-A southwest Houston woman was shot to death Tuesday as she was getting out of her car, the likely victim of a robbery, police said. Relatives pleaded with anyone who had information about the case to contact police.

-A northeast Houston shop owner on Tuesday fatally shot a man trying to burglarize his property, police said. The man ran, police said, and collapsed on the street a short distance away.

-A man shot himself Tuesday in a supermarket parking lot in Sugar Land after earlier firing several rounds at his estranged girlfriend’s car, Missouri city police said. Police said the man shot himself in the head when officers approached.


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