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Monday, July 16, 2012

Chupacabra Report

I see in the Thomas Voting Reports “How Texans Voted” that 180 of the 185 House Democrats that voted against the 33rd GOP attempt to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act voted for a motion to oust members who voted to repeal from the Federal employees Health Benefits Plan:

“This taxpayer-subsidized, privately operated plan covers nearly all present and retired House members and senators, civil servants, federal retirees and their family members. The plan provides lawmakers with key benefits their constituents would lose if the 2010 law is repealed, such provisions against coverage denials based on pre-existing conditions, lifetime caps on benefits and premiums based on gender and age. Under this Democratic motion, members voting to rrepeal the 2010 law would have to leave the federal plan soon after repeal takes effect.”

Well, the vote failed along party lines, but I like this sort of thing. It must have caused some faces to turn red on the tory side of the aisle. Good. Some palpitations might even lead to a come-to-Jesus moment for some of those making hay trying to deny healthcare to less-fortunate Americans.

This reminds me of when Mickey Leland was in the Texas Legislature and the Republicans were trying to pass a bill requiring women to notify their husbands before they could get an abortion. Leland introduced an amendment that exempted women who were married to graduates of Texas A& M University, of which there were, and still are, many in the legislature.


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