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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dewey Wins! CNN and Fox (of course) called it wrong. That’s why current events is not history.

Well, I wouldn’t have bet that the Supremes would upheld the Affordable Healthcare Act, and I certainly wouldn’t have picked John Roberts to be the deciding vote. Gobsmacked! Maybe Roberts has been watching the consequences of their Citizens United v. FEC and wondering if ruling to please The Heritage Foundation and The Club for Growth might break the country.

So now it will be up to the voters in November whether they elect a candidate, Windsock Willard, who has pledged to repeal the act, styled after the Massachusetts plan he signed into law as Governor, or give a second term to President Obama to see the law completely enacted and work out the inevitable bugs.

The one ruling in favor of the plaintiffs is the one making it easier for states to opt out of the Medicaid expansion that is to include individuals and families earning up to 133% of the poverty level. This could be bad news in Texas, the state that is preparing to decline the 90% of women’s reproductive health funding they now receive in order to cut Planned Parenthood off the provider list. Governor Perry insists that the state will be able to provide these services without Federal money but I haven’t heard anybody from the healthcare community explain how this is possible. Presently, the income limit for Medicaid in Texas is $2,094, which works out to five dollars and change everyday. I’d say the biggest health threats to people in that income bracket are starvation and death from exposure.


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