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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Letters to the Editor

Good letter in the Chron last week in response to an op-ed by Kay Bailey Hutchison..

Silent on attacks

Hutchison's op-ed failed to mention candidate Romney's silence on the following GOP attacks on women:

Sonogram laws mandated by state Republican legislatures, Texas included, that force women to undergo unnecessary medical procedures.

Republican presidential candidates decrying contraception, prenatal testing and abortion for any reason.

Personhood amendments on state ballots that make a fetus a person, thereby forcing women to bear children with no safe, medical recourse.

Promises to defund Planned Parenthood, thereby denying poor women access to health care. Sadly, Hutchison has fallen in line with the extreme members of her party.

As a mother of three daughters and five granddaughters, I had hoped she would decry the mean, petty ideologically driven actions of her party against women, especially poor women. I was wrong.

Kathleen Alexander, The Woodlands

-I’ve often appreciated Senator Hutchison for not voting in lockstep with John Cornyn but she’s still a tool of the Eagle Forum. Alas, the GOP and Texas voters may give us somebody worse this fall.


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