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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chupacabra Report

This story started out with an e-mail forward about a contractor who hired somebody in a sort of ‘affirmative action’ but in tough times laid off that same worker for poor performance. This was meant to draw an analogy to the President’s job performance.

Next came a flurry of replies from people offended by the racial angle, in defense of the sender (‘my cousin is not a racist,’) requests to be spared further such messages, and my favorite, a call for all to ‘cool down,’ sent with ‘love.’

After about three days of this, I decided to add my own reply to the mix..

Wow, this one’s still percolating. Maybe we can learn something from all this and take the opportunity to rise above our insularity and derangement. I have experienced such indelicacies from older folks who grew up in America under apartheid and often come to overlook sticky situations that truly misrepresent the qualities of character of those who speak them.

Yes, I know there are haters out there, and within us too, but most days I trust in the “better angels of our nature.” My favorite comment so far was the “calm down” sent with “love” from Ashley. Thank you Ms. Ashley.

I would suggest to all of us that we make more effort to get out of our bubbles, turn off the TV sometimes and take a break from the sensationalized ‘news’ coverage that is really only preaching to the choir. We know that this is really driven by big media trying to up their ratings. If it bleeds it leads; who needs it? Maybe take the time to read something a little out of our comfort zone. We may find ourselves less at odds if we understand each other a little better. I’ve always said that this country can’t fly on just one wing.


Charly Hoarse


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