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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

America for Americans

In the Korean War the North had this habit of marching innocent civilians in front of their tanks, forcing the allies to kill these poor souls in order to ward off the assaults.
Republicans have added this strategic arrow to their supple human skin quiver.
In order to get a continuation of their precious Bush tax cuts, they have marched all of 2 million happless unemployed families before their jugernaut of human misery. Their unemployment benefits had evaporated and are now held hostage to a "compromise," with the president that would buy them Christmas in exchange for two more years of party time for the richest among us, who have proven that they not only couldn't care less about America, but also Americans themselves.
These guys have made Obama their bitch since jump. He is a weak, feckless, frightened little man. He has sold out America so these poor people can have Santa visit their tents. A drink of cool water in the desert only prolongs the suffering for those with no hope for rescue.
This is war for the future of a free republic. Obama must take heart of his own spoken truth that America cannot bargain with terrorists.


At 7:47 PM , Blogger Julia B. said...

Bernie Sanders says he'll filibuster this deal. Don't know if that's smart or not but I like it. Wonder why the Pukes don't demonize Sanders, an actual American socialist; maybe because he's not black like Obama, female like Pelosi, gay like Franks or lame like Reid.


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