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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Put me down with LD on this one, I’ve been proud to vote for Bill White for Houston Mayor twice; hell, he even won in my tory Clear Lake precinct. After hurricane Katrina, he moved swiftly to take care of people in trouble, while idiot Tom DeLay was tying up everybody’s phone lines asking for Federal troops. His actions after Ike were likewise outstanding, working side by side with the Republican County Judge, unconcerned about who would get the credit for their job well done.

Here’s Bill White on why he will make a fine governor..

"I'm disappointed in Gov. Perry's failure to make tangible progress in addressing the dropout race, fighting polluters, and I could go on and on," he said "If I don't step up and do this, Texas faces several more years of highly-charged wedge politics and a lack of leadership, and Texas cannot afford that."

"Shouldn't we be the state that leads the nation, not that leaves the nation?" White said.

"If I'm governor, no company will feel they're entitled to dump tons of cancer-causing chemicals in our air – the air they don't own, the public owns," he said.


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