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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Chupacabra Report

Public Support for Panetta-Burns Deficit Reduction Plan

This from a survey released today from Public Policy Polling:

“-As much of an obsession as Bowles/Simpson can be for the DC pundit class, most Americans don't have an opinion about it. 23% support it, 16% oppose it, and 60% say they don't have a take one way or the other.

“The 39% of Americans with an opinion about Bowles/Simpson is only slightly higher than the 25% with one about Panetta/Burns, a mythical Clinton Chief of Staff/former western Republican Senator combo we conceived of to test how many people would say they had an opinion even about something that doesn't exist.

“Bowles/Simpson does have bipartisan support from the small swath of Americans with an opinion about it. Republicans support it 26/18, Democrats favor it 21/14, and independents are for it by a 24/18 margin. Panetta/Burns doesn't fare as well with 8% support and 17% opposition.”

I don’t know about you, but I going to write my congressman and tell him that I want him to get behind this proposal which may, as some wags have suggested:

-Taxes the debt.

-Balances the budget by taxing Canada.

-Increases spending to 33% of GDP in order to purchase every American a unicorn.


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