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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Act now

The House passed the Cap and Trade Energy Bill and sent it along to the Senate, where it will be further neutered, if the thousands of lobbyists for coal and oil interests have their way.

The Chron has a column from Thomas Friedman today saying that this bill, or what’s left of it, is still worth passing. See how he wraps up..

“And then there is We the People. Attention all young Americans: your climate future is being decided right now in the cloakrooms of the Capitol, where the coal lobby holds huge sway. You want to make a difference? Then get out of Facebook and into somebody’s face. Get a million people on the Washington Mall calling for a price on carbon. That will get the Senate’s attention. Play hardball or don’t play at all.”

I don’t usually bother with our troglodyte Senator John Cornyn, but Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson has been known to split from the know-nothing party line from time to time. Please drop her a line.


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