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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Giving 110%

Houston made Forbes magazine’s list of the ten most expensive U.S. cities.
Saying that "the city lacks a useful, extensive or reliable mass-transit system," the magazine also concluded that, on average, 20.9 percent of Houstonians' expenses go toward transportation.

This got me thinking about the family budget. If we’re spending:

25% on housing
25% on childcare
15% on health insurance
20% on transportation
15% on food
10% on taxes

There’s something wrong around here..


At 2:30 PM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...


You ain't kidding, except I'm spending 100% on everything, not to mention all those costs and other expenses associated with our joint media empire.


At 5:12 AM , Blogger Lulu Maude said...

Also has the dubious distinction of being a major city with the smallest percentage of recycled materials.

Explained away with some bullshit about the Independent Spirit of Texans...


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