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Monday, October 08, 2012

Give Them What They Want

The Chronicle reported today that Sunday was “Pulpit Freedom Sunday,” when evangelical churches nationwide, organized by Alliance Defending Freedom preached about politics and the upcoming election.

“1,000 pastors from almost 30 denominations signed up to preach about politics, including about 65 from the Houston area.

“Participants mail the IRS video or printed copies of their sermons in which they endorse candidates or parties in defiance of federal law prohibiting tax-exempt nonprofits from making political endorsements for candidates.”

-Ah, our home-grown ayatollahs; I say give them what they want, and start sending them tax bills. If they feel so strongly about this they’ll have no qualms about asking their steeple people for special “love offerings” to pay federal, state and local levies like everybody else plus the legal and accounting costs associated with having deep pockets. First maybe they could find a history professor to explain how the First Amendment and the “wall of separation” protect them today.


At 8:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Judge Chief,
I am a first time reader. You have hit a big nerve with me. Thank you for your last paragraph.


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