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Monday, January 17, 2011

Shadow Man

Lucy was watching 60 Minutes last night, and declared that Steve Brudniak, a friend of ZDD, esteemed artist, musician, actor, and sophisticate, who is pictured here, and linked to the right for many years, had been referenced in a rather spooky way to the Tuscon Assassin.
His character, "Shadow Man," in the RichardLinkletter film, "A Waking Life," is alleged to have strongly influenced Jared Loughner's pychotic thoughts and actions.
If this is true, I know Steve would be upset. I hope that he and the makers of this movie are not made to feel they had done anything wrong.
I watched the Simpson's take on the fact that America is the most anti-intellectual country on the planet, and how we treat our artists like scum, with nodding affirmation of this profound truth. Although, Steve, seems to be an unqualified success, which he greatly deserves, he has suffered in the past. Yet, here is another example of a group of visionaries who made this awsome film, reminding us that we can only know ourselves as a people from expressions such as this, and other works we take for granted. Art in America, is made by people who have committed themselves to a worthy mission that is mostly rewarded with pain.
Please take a look at Steve's work, and that of others he has partnered with, if you have not already, and see this film. It is filled with wonder and amazement that will stick with you.
P.S. Also, please take time to thank Dr. King for all his contributions to the fight for freedom and human dignity in the world.


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