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I'm not stupid, I'm from Texas!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Be Civil and Climb in the Oven, Weakling!

Nothing could be more stupid than if we think pukes and tea-baggers are going to be civil. In fact, as the ZZD motto goes, "I'm not stupid, I'm from Texas."
They want to exterminate colored people, poor people, women, helpless poor kids, gay people, and anyone else who would attempt to thwart their efforts to do so.
They are dangerous and will do anything to steal all the money and make certain no survives the eventual holocost.
Rush understands. He and all their evil ilk believe the same thing: compassion is weakness; weakness is to be exploited.
Next time you see your potential killer, smash him in the face; kick him in the balls, and steal his wallet.
It's the only thing that they respect.


At 5:06 AM , Blogger Lulu Maude said...

LD, you are a true poet!

Specially like the testicle-wallet thang.


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