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Saturday, January 08, 2011

America: Brown People Need Not Apply

Personally, I think wages should equalize, workers rights fostered everywhere, and the borders open both ways. I'd like to live to see a north american economic union. The current set-up in which employer's exploit cheap labor, and Mexican Nationals get the blame is a disaster for everyone.

The get tough policies of the state and federal governments are nakedly rascist in my view. Here's some of the plans instore for Texas:

HB 17:Police checks for "reasonable suspician." I've sat on a criminal grand jury and I can vouch that this and "probable cause," just means driving while Mexican.

SB 126: Gives arresting officers immunity for this.

HB 22: Requires public schools to determine the immigration status of every student. Is there a chill in here?

HB 177: Requires proff of citizenship to get a driver's license. Now there'll be a bunch of non-licensed drivers to go with the uninsured.

HB 16: Requires proof of citizenship and two forms of ID to cast a ballot. I guess that's oneway to make sure nobody votes.

HB 197: Requires proof of citizenship to get a job.

SB 84: Requires businesses to verify citizenship.

House Joint Resolution 38: Makes English the official language. No more Spanish in schools.

HB 81: No public money can be spent on non-English documents or signs.

SSA has started requiring proof of residency for claimant's of U.S.-born children, and proof of residency for any member of the hoiusehold in which a claim has been filed, with no lawful mandate. Word will travel fast in this town that the parents of anchor babies need not apply for Medicaid or SSI, or any government program for their American citizen children.

The facist state is not hiding anymore. The problem is not with the focus of these proposed statutes; rather, like Arizona, the problem is the effect it will have on all people, whether citizens or not.


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