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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chupacabra Report

Driving west to the Bakery Saturday we got to listen to “your friend and mine” Larry Winters’ show on KPFT until the signal ran out in central Texas.

Larry cut audio from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ eight-hour filibuster of the tax bill Friday, saying things like “It is beyond comprehension that the Republicans would hold hostage the entire middle class of this country so that millionaires and billionaires would receive huge tax breaks,” with old lefty anthems, heavy on the Guthrie. Larry had it goin’ you can tell, because he got a bunch of angry callers. Another great show on one of the best radio programs I know, sorry we missed the last of it.

But Bernie Sanders: with his long career in Congress, he’s a rare living argument against term limits. Gives me an idea. Ms. Lulu Maude? I’d like you and your neighbors up there in Vermont to consider a proposition here.. What do you say we trade you a John Cornyn and a Kay Bailey for one Bernie Sanders? Then you would have three senators, more than all the other states. Deal? OK?


At 3:16 PM , Blogger Lulu Maude said...

Sorry, Darlin'--I don't know what led Bernie to move to Vermont so many years ago, but as everybody else moves to some notch on the Sun Belt, he's about all we have... along with the right to marry whom we please, of course.

It's taken me years to warm up to Vermont (I'm a Californian by birth), but I'm really starting to like it here.


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