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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sarah Palin’s book is finally out, if you live in fly-over country she may soon be hawking it at a bookstore near you.

Myself, I’m not interested in her happy bullshit, or whatever her ghostwriter has to say. I just want to point out that, 1.25 million dollar advance notwithstanding, it’s common for books by celebutards to be best-sellers and remaindered at the same time. Amazon has been selling this book priced at nine dollars for weeks. Today it is priced at $14.50; half price. This is possible because at a certain rarified level, right-wingers take care of their own. Daddy Warbucks all over will open their checkbooks and buy boatloads of this book to pass out to illiterates or send to the landfill, doesn’t matter, it’s a “best-seller.”

If Palin really wants to prove that she’s a serious player, she ought to go on Jeopardy, they’re running celebrity contests the third Tuesday of every month now. I recently saw cable news bozo Wolf Blitzer get his ass kicked by comedian Andy Richter. It was hysterical. Blitzer finished double jeopardy in the red, proving that he’s no David Brinkley.

I wouldn’t care who Palin plays against, as long as there’s at least one comic in the mix. “The Great Satan” David Letterman would be choice, but any comic, the leftier the better. Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, and Al Franken have all won on Jeopardy. Tina Fey?


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