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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Olson Opponent?

I was at the Rice v. Navy game last month to see Pete Olson grammstanding over the moon rock that the Kennedy family donated to the university. I heard him promise to support NASA so that he could come back and give Rice a mars rock someday.

Tonight I was catching up on The Daily Show and saw video of Michelle Bachmann’s tea party on the Capitol steps last week, the one with the big picture of stacked holocaust victims labeled “national socialist health care.” Pete Olson was there too, pandering to Dick Armey’s stooges.

This got me wondering, are we going to be stuck with Olson for twenty years like we were with DeLay? Who have we got to run against him? I like Richard Morrison, but question whether he can win. Besides, Fort Bend needs him on the Commissioner‘s Court. Who else is out there for us? I can’t see running Nick Lampson again, there’s too many republicans in the Democratic Party already. Is Ginny Matranga rested and ready?


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