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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chupacabra Report

News That Gets My Goat..

I hear that Republican buttcake Senator Tom Coburn of Jokelahoma is threatening to require the senate clerk to read the entire healthcare bill aloud in order to stall action on the bill. Apparently it takes a unanimous vote by the senate to stop this nonsense, and senators can call for such a reading every time an amendment is offered.

Damn; I know that the senate serves as a check on crazy moves by the wind-blown goniffs in the house. This is a fine and noble purpose but there must be some procedural remedy for such gridlock or else we’d still be mired in the eighteenth century.

Here’s hoping that Reed and Biden can sharpen their gavels and put a stop to this baloney. If the GOP trogs in the senate want to filibuster, let them stay up all night and talk themselves hoarse like Jesse Helms did trying to stop civil rights legislation, at least that will stop them prowling around the servants quarters at night.


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