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Friday, October 30, 2009

Plug I

I'm going to spend this weekend catching up on music reviews I am behind on which includes interesting bios and background stories from a handful of artists that I really enjoyed listening to.

It's funny after all the windmill tilting ZDD has done it's funny to recall that this place was originally built (ha!) as a band site for the Driftwood Artists Collective. They've been through major changes together; forging a new business model for the future and producing music to be proud of. Right now, things are in a kind of crisis stage that I hope ends soon with everyone in sympatico and fully syncronized.

Judge Hoarse is very good at distracting us from the fact that he is an extremely talented artist in many disciplines. Nails, Hank Floyd, and Dos Pachangas keep creating in spite of this mean old world. Frank N. Stein has hit his mind-blowing peak as a player. My mission to improve the lives of vulnerable young women everywhere continues, even with my ankle bracelet. And then there's our favorite, Lucy Hill.

Lucy Hill has an engagement at the historical Olmos Bharmacy on Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 8:00 p.m. No cover is required. I'll be there, probably with lots of left over, slightly used Pixie Sticks and shiny apples to pass out. Her rhythm section will be the notoriously bad-ass Loaded. No cover. Check out their site on the right.

Please try to make it. Share the love.


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