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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Stop Hitting Me, Guys!

If one is to scan the surface of Texas Blog World lately, the unitiated would assume that a ton a sausage is being grinded in the current legislative session. This has the activists atwitter, and rightly so since this is their bag, but where's the beef?

Garnett Coleman (D-Hou) is mentioned frequently in connection with the idea of a brawnier, tougher, fightin' Dem of today. I think not. When the going was tough in '05, and when Dems should have been going to the mats over SB1, that gutted services to the poor and sick, he was not to be found. As minority head of the relevant committee, he was a big disapointment to me. A self-proclaimed "consumer" of mental health services, was nowhere on the radar. Now, with rumors of his possible greater politcal ambitions, reports are circulating that he has become a hell raiser. A story today (paraphrased):

Big Puke: Y'all better vote on this compromise or your party will never get a vote on your bills.

Coleman: Oh yeah! We'll beat you in the polls!


On a happier note, Frenchmen want to launch a giant banana balloon 100,000 feet in the air over Texas, to mock and deride the foolishness of Texas politics (,72550-0.html?tw=rss.index) that will be 20% as large as the moon. Shades of Monty Python. "I fart in your general direction!"
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PRAY FOR MOLLY - we need her now more than ever.


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